Wireless Electrical Vehicle Charger (WEVC)

VMAX WPT system belongs to WPT3 Z2 series, with power transmission capacity, FOD, LOP, accurate positioning and other auxiliary functions. It is the best solution to realize the last step of "automatic charging" in the application of automatic driving and automatic parking. It can realize "charging while parking" and completely liberate the car owner.


• WLC 11kW@three phase, 6kW@single phase, ensuring efficient charging across multiple power configurations.

• Comprehensive implementation of FOD (Foreign Object Detection) and LOP (Living Object Protection) for enhanced safety in all scenarios.

• Full DSP (Digital Signal Processing) digital control for precise and reliable operation. Online software upgrades facilitate easy maintenance.

• Utilization of four Power MOSFETs and associated control components, resulting in reduced EMI components.

• Offset position range: X=±100mm, Y=±120mm, Z=140mm-210mm, accommodating various charging connector positions.

• V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) functionality included, allowing bidirectional energy flow between the vehicle and the grid.

• EMF (Electromagnetic Field) emissions comply with industry standards, ensuring minimal environmental impact.


Wireless Charger - Charging Mode

• AC input voltage/frequency range:

176~265 Vac@1φ

305~458 Vac@3φ

45Hz - 65Hz

• Max. input current: 32A @1φ;16A @3φ

• Power factor:≥0.98

• DC output voltage range:220 - 490Vdc

• Rated output power:6.0kW @1φ;9.9kW @3φ

• Max. output current: 20A@1φ;30A@3φ

• Average efficiency:91%

System of Vehicle Assembly

• Cooling mode:Liquid cooling

• Cooling medium TEMP range:-40℃-85℃

• Ambient TEMP range-40℃-85℃

• Weight:11.8kg

• Volume:365*365*51mm

• IP Protection:IP67

System of Ground Assembly

• Cooling mode:Natural cooling

• Cooling medium TEMP range:-40℃-55℃

• Ambient TEMP range:-40℃-55℃

• Weight:51.1kg

• Volume:730*814*62mm

• IP Protection:IP67

System of Power Supply Unit

• Cooling mode:Air cooling

• Cooling medium TEMP range:-40℃-65℃

• Ambient TEMP range:-40℃-65℃

• Weight:28.2kg

• Volume:837.5*542*210.5mm

• IP Protection:IP55