EV Communication Controller(EVCC)

VMAX Electric Vehicle Communication Controller module provides a simple and easy solution for vehicle manufacturers to convert ISO15118 or DIN70121 protocols to GB/T27930 protocols for national standard fast charging, while supporting AC slow charging signal processing for both European and national standards, making the application of the module for national standard vehicles can be quickly introduced to the EU market with a simple matching installation.


• Support ISO15118, DIN70121 and GB/T27930 standards.

• Simulable CP, CC and CC2 outputs.

• Standard CAN interface circuit to communicate with BMS.

• Multiple input wake-up options available.

• With hard-wired wake-up output interface.

• Support for Unified Diagnostic Service (UDS) meeting ISO14229 and ISO15765 standards.

• Dual CAN design, software support online upgrade through the whole vehicle OBD, easy to customize maintenance.


• Working voltage: 9Vdc ~ 16Vdc

• Operation temperature: -40°C ~85°C

• Storage temperature: -40C ~ 105°C

• Working humidity: 0~ 90%RH

• Quiescent current: < 250uA

• Weight:: 350±18g

• Volume:: 152.3 *152* 44.3mm

• IP Protection: IP67

• Quiescent current: GB/T27930

• European Standards: ISO15118、DIN70121