PTC Controller

●Applications in air conditioning systems

●High voltage battery heating system

●Small size and flexible arrangement

●Customized design


• All automotive-grade parts are used, ensuring safety and reliability.

• PWM control effectively reduces the vehicle's energy consumption.

• Multiple functions such as specific bus communication, OTA, wake-up, fault diagnosis, etc., meet customers' customization • requirements.

• EMC Class 3 level is achieved to meet the vehicle's EMC design requirements.


• Low voltage supply voltage:9-16V

• HV voltage supply voltage:230-450V

• working power:0-4.5kW

• working ambient temperature: ‘-40~105℃

• control mode:PWM

• Functional safety:ASIL A (B)

• Software protection:Time sharing start/soft start for reducing PTC impulse current

• Bootloader/UDS:Customization

• Fault protection:Over voltage, over current, over temperature,etc

• Communication:CAN or LIN

• Wake up:LAN/Hard wire(KL15 or acc)

• state machine: Customization

• Protection grade: IP67