800V 11kW 2-in-1 Combined Charging Unit

• High safety level

• High power density

• Integrated design

• Light weight

• Cost-effective


• Adopting advanced digital high-frequency switching control technology, high power density, easy to adapt to the whole vehicle installation.

• Die-casting one-piece molding of the body and patented 3D waterway design to optimally meet heat dissipation.

Low-voltage signal terminals are reserved for multiple interfaces, which can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of the whole vehicle system.

• Automatically distributes 810V high voltage and 14V low voltage output power in OBC mode.

• 12V low-voltage output with a maximum 3kW capacity in DCDC mode

• Traditional full-Bridge 3kW DCDC. Control components, EMI components are shared.

• High safety electrical isolation of input and output, and the relevant level meets the requirements of automotive standards.

• Meeting the requirements of automotive-grade electromagnetic compatibility.

• Standard CAN2.0B design, customizable charging strategy according to the needs of vehicle enterprises, compatible with national standard and enterprise standard charging requirements.

• All software can be upgraded online, and the charging strategy can be customized and adjusted according to the needs of the whole vehicle, with flexible debugging and updating.


OBC-Charging Mode

• AC input voltage/frequency range:

85~265 Vac @1φ

304-456 Vac@3φ

45Hz - 65Hz

• Max. input current:32A @1φ;16A @3φ

• Power factor:≥0.99

• DC output voltage range:370Vdc~820Vdc

• Rated output voltage:620Vdc

• Rated output power:

≥6.6kW  @1φ;≥9.9kW @3φ

• Max. output current:

13A @1φ;19A @3φ

• Efficiency:≥95%@3φ;≥93.5%@1φ

OBC - Discharging Mode

• DC input voltage range:370~820Vdc

• AC output voltage:220Vac±5%

• Max. output power:V2L:3.3kva;V2V:6.6kva

• Max. output current:V2L:15A;V2V:30A

• Average efficiency:93%


• DC input voltage range:370Vdc ~ 820Vdc

• Max. input current:7A

• DC output voltage range:9Vdc~16Vdc

• Rated output voltage:14Vdc

• Rated output power:3.0kW

• Max. output current:215A

• Weighted efficiency: 92%


• Cooling mode:Liquid cooling

• Ambient TEMP range:-40℃~85℃

• Ambient TEMP range:-40°C ~ 85°C

• Weight:9.5kg

• Volume:6.8L

• IP Protection:IP67