EV Charging System

Ten years of expertise in developing on-board charging system, in-depth research on power electronics and power transmission technology in vehicle applications, accelerating the industrialization process of OBC, DCDC, converters and other controllers.

EV Electric Drive System

Our E-drive products, which is the multi-integration of OBC, DCDC, MCU, VCU, and BMS, sharing the same housing, cooling system, and even power devices, effectively reduces product costs and volume. Based on the AUTOSAR software platform and functional safety design, they feature Ethernet transmission, vehicle OTA intelligent upgrades, and network information security protection, benefiting customers in function expansion, vehicle integration, lightweighting, and cost control.

Featured Products

Our featured products includes wireless charging system, EV communication controller, PTC controller and so on to meet a variety of electric vehicle needs, and to provide uses with efficient and reliable solutions.